Why You Should Attend the C3 Conference

Ed Young C3 Conference

If you have been following the Creative Church Conferences (C3 Conferences) hosted by Ed Young over the past few years and have been wondering if C3 2013 is for you, here is an informative resource to help guide your decision.

What is the C3 Conference? Is it for you?

First and foremost, the Creative Church Conferences is designed by Pastor Ed Young to give other Pastors, artists and leaders of all kinds the tools they need to succeed. Over the past few years, his Creative Church Conferences have become unparalleled forums for generating creative ideas and practices to help churches like yours reach exciting new levels of worshiping God through artistic ways. 

By attending, you can help turn your local church into a truly cultural experience filled with transcendence and beauty—all inspired by God. Ed Young truly has a commitment to make the church once again the center for creative experiences and artistry the same way churches were hundreds and hundreds of years ago.

So if you have an interest in advancing arts in your church, or just want to experience how God-inspired artistry can impact your career, then the C3 Conference 2013 is definitely for you.

What to expect at the C3 Conference 2013

During the sessions, attendees (whether Pastors or leaders) will learn how to release the creativity that God has bestowed in everyone—including you.
And the best part is that each of the C3 conference sessions are either taught by Ed Young in person, or by one of the many fantastic leaders from Young’s Fellowship Church Staff or other fine churches around the country.

Throughout the life-changing and inspiring event, you can take part in creative and fun sessions that cover a wide range of topics, including:

  • Volunteer Culture, and how to create it
  • Strategies for multisite campuses
  • How to empower women
  • Creativity in children, and how to put it in action
  • How to reach students more effectively through the arts
  • How to protect your household and much, much more
  • That’s just a hint at the many sessions that can keep creativity and Christian fellowship flowing

The key benefits of C3

What will you get from attending these Ed Young inspired sessions? Here are just a few of the reasons you should attend a C3 conference:

Inspire creativity in your congregation. Through the C3 Conference, leaders and artists will learn how to inspire creativity in everyone in your church. You’ll learn how these many Godly talents can serve everyone—including you.

Create an effective arts ministry. You’ll learn to lead fellow artists and with the many tips you’ll glean from Ed Young and his influence, and discover ways to transform your church into a creative, transformational place.

Build a creative community. You and your teams can discover effective ways to build a community of artists and find your own “creative tribe.”

Transform your life, leadership—and your church. This may just be the best reason of all to experience all that the C3 2013 you’ll learn how to transform your life and your church.

Pastor Ed Young, along with creativity experts and church leaders from around the country will lead innovative sessions throughout the conference. You can attend inspiring panel discussions from other leaders and will have the opportunity to share your own ideas and practices too.

Finally, the conference will end with an amazing Sunday morning service that you surely will not forget any time soon. It is a great way to end a truly art-inspired weekend. And by bringing a team of church leaders or artists with you, you and your church can save money on the experience through group discounts. Refunds for tickets to C3 aren’t available, but in the case you can’t attend, you can transfer your ticket to another fellow artist or leader in your church by sending an email to C3.

More about Pastor Ed Young and the Creative Church Conference

Pastor Ed Young is the founder of the Fellowship Church in Grapevine, Texas, as well as an inspiring speaker with more than 20 years of leadership experience. His mission is to boldly speak God’s word to a world that is desperately seeking a higher purpose.

Through the C3 Conference Ed Young is dedicated to giving leaders like you the skills you need to not only succeed, but to do so through creativity and strong biblical principles. He truly believes that creativity is God-inspired.

Ed Young is proud of how the Creative Church Conference has grown to offer inspiration for both artists and churches at any level. So if you are looking to start an arts ministry, or simply want to help your current arts ministry thrive, a visit to the Creative Church Conference is a great way to help your creativity flourish—for the good of your church and your own life.

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