When you are building a rare coin collection, there are many considerations to the care and upkeep of your collection. Many collectors and investors make grave mistakes and greatly devalue their coins by failing to take proper care of their rare coin collection. Whether they attempt to clean a coins with a corrosive agent, decide to keep their collection in one of the wildly popular coin collecting books, or handle their coins frequently while admiring them, all of these simple and seemingly innocuous mistakes can cost a great deal of money.

It is important to remember that the value of your coins is largely dependent on their wear and how close to their original condition they are. By repeatedly handling your coin without having it slabbed, you slowly wear down and make subtle changes to the surface of the coin on its high points, which, though imperceptible to you, can result in its grade being lowered. Many coin collectors attempt to clean their coins, believing that shiny is better; however, it is important to take very careful precautions when you are attempting to clean a coin, if you do so at all. The natural wear of time is always preferable to the wear that a coin undergoes from cleaning agents, rubbing, and other unnatural cleaning techniques. By storing your coin anywhere that it is exposed to environmental factors that can corrode the metal, you are taking a great risk with your coin collection. Storing your collection in places like basements or garages can expose it to humidity, and storing it anywhere that it is exposed to light and fluctuations in temperature can also be damaging.

One of the best steps that you can take towards protecting your coin collection is to have each coin slabbed into an individual plastic sleeve. Although coin collecting books are extremely popular among novice collectors, the dyes of these books actually interact with the metal of the coin and, over time, can be incredibly damaging. By keeping your coin slabbed, even when you are struck by the temptation to handle it, you are handling it in a manner that is safe for the coin, and it does help to protect it from some environmental elements, as well as removing the temptation to clean it. Although proper coin storage and cleaning procedure is incredibly complex, sometimes knowing what not to do when it comes to coin handling and maintenance can be more important than what to do.


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