What kind of fun games can kids play with water guns?

It’s hot out, the kids are restless, and the pool is boring.  What could possibly keep them entertained?  When pool season arrives, here are a few games to keep the good times rolling.  The only items needed are some water guns and a few restless bodies full of energy.

Water guns can provide a great source of entertainment when the kids need some direction and a few activity options.  Here are a few games sure to keep the troops entertained for hours of waterlogged fun.

Water gun freeze tag- In this game only one water gun is needed.  One player is selected to be “it” and given the water gun.  Like the original freeze tag, a player is frozen when hit with water and can be unfrozen if another player can crawl through his legs.  The game ends when all the players are frozen.  At this point the “it” player can select a new player to take his place as “it”.

Water gun capture the flag- Two water balloons and enough water guns for each player are needed.  Form two teams, and each team will defend a water balloon while trying to burst the other team’s water balloon.  Players can be frozen by a member of the opposite team squirting them.  To unfreeze a player, crawl between the frozen teammate’s legs.  First team to burst the other team’s balloon wins the game.

Beach ball race- A beach ball and water gun is needed for each player.  Equal firepower is best in this game, so water guns of the same caliber are recommended.   Line up the beach balls on a starting line and on the word go, each player shoots their ball.  The first ball over the finish line wins.

The good old-fashioned water gun fight- Water guns are given to each kid, and let them go.  Let no child return un-soaked.

Steal the water gun- A version of steal the bacon with a wet twist.   Place a water gun in the center of two teams that are lined up at least fifteen feet apart.  Each player on a team is assigned numbers.  When two players with the same number from opposite teams are called, they’ll be blind-folded and spun three times.  With assistance from their team members they are directed towards the "bacon."  Whoever reaches the water gun first may remove his blindfold and soak the member of the other team.  If a player crosses the line into the other team’s area, he’s immediately disqualified.  The team with the most soaks wins.

Whether playing in the pool, at the beach, or in the backyard, these games offer a variety of fun choices, putting those dusty water guns to good use.

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