Virtual SAN Keeps Your Data Safe and Usable

In the modern business climate, you cannot have a network that is prone to going offline or that does not protect your valuable data. These days, the truth is that your server and network are among the most important pieces of your business infrastructure, perhaps the very most important piece. Next to you and your employees, your server forms the most vital link between your business or organization and your clients or customers, providing the portal for sales, information, and communication. At the same time, your network allows you and your employees, as well as all of your business partners or affiliates, to communicate among yourselves. For these important reasons, the integrity of your server and network must be maintained at all times. Down time must be brought to the very minimum or, ideally, eliminated all together.

If your business runs a VMware server, no doubt you have thought of investing in a SAN appliance to store your data and to maintain its integrity. Of course, the difficulty in investing in a standard SAN appliance is its high cost, a cost that cuts deeply into your ability to run and maintain your business. However, there is a viable alternative to the standard SAN appliance that provides all of the same benefits at a much lower cost to you.

This alternative is the revolutionary Virtual SAN appliance, which utilizes unused space on your VMware server for data storage and distribution. The Virtual SAN appliance allows for the synchronistic replication of all your volume data between hosts, providing a state of the art solution for shared VMFS storage. The Virtual SAN application also allows for full data integrity should a failure occur in your appliances, your host, or your hard disk. No wonder then that the Virtual SAN appliance has become the talk of the town among the software news & information community.

The best thing about this state of the art appliance is that it is fully compatible with your existing VMware server and your network configuration, making implementation easy and affordable. What is more, full documentation is available to make the transition to the Virtual SAN appliance efficient and timely. In this way, your business or organization can be running the Virtual SAN appliance in not time at all, putting to ease your fears of network failure and loss of critical data. No wonder then that businesses are looking in such great numbers towards this important technology.

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