The Use of Plus Size Knee Braces After Surgery

Knee injuries are common, and many people who are obese experience knee problems due to the added strain and weight placed on the knees. Sometimes knee injuries can be traumatic enough that they require surgery. Additionally, knee injuries that do not start off as severe but are not taken care of right away can overtime continue to worsen. As the area degrades, surgery may become the only option left. After a knee surgery, surgeons may require that their patients limit their mobility until the knee becomes properly healed. Plus size knee braces can also be used by patients who need to participate in limited walking without damaging healing knees through overuse.

Functional plus size knee braces are used after an injury or surgery to provide stability to the knee area so that it does not become injured again. In addition to stability, these knee braces protect the knee from further stress and reduce movement that could lead to hyperextension. Because the knee area is often unstable following surgery, many surgeons and doctors recommend the use of plus size knee braces to their patients who are overweight. It is important to use a knee brace that is designed for larger people since smaller knee braces will not provide the stability needed and could end up causing further damage to the knees.

In addition to using a knee brace, a surgeon may recommend that a patient be placed on bed rest directly after a surgery. Depending on how extensive the knee surgery is, bed rest could be important to limit the amount of strain placed on the knees while they continue to heal. Once a patient is allowed to move again they may need to visit a physical therapist to learn exercises that will strengthen the knee area as well as provide relief from any pain to the area. During this time, it is important that the patient continue to wear their knee braces so that the knee does not become dislodged or experience hyperextension while repairing.

While it is normal to become nervous before a knee surgery, most patients will be able to recover from it as long as they take the precautions necessary to keeping the knees protected immediately after. By using a knee braces that fits correctly, resting the knees as much as possible, and participating in physical therapy most patients should be up and walking again in no time.


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