The Super Bowl is Quickly Becoming a Worldwide Phenomena

No sporting event draws more viewers in the United States each year than the Super Bowl. The game, which determines the NFL champion, is the apex of the most popular US sport. The draw of the Super Bowl is not just limited to an American audience. International viewership for the Super Bowl is growing by leaps and bounds. 

Super Bowl XLVI was the most watched program in US Television history. 111.3 million Fans tuned in and watched the New York Giants earn a 21-17 victory over the New England Patriots. That meant 33 percent of the total US population tuned in to see the Super Bowl TV broadcast. 23 million listeners tuned in to the radio broadcast on the Westwood Radio Networks. Another 2.1 million viewers streamed the broadcast through designated websites like and to tune into the game. 

International broadcasts of the Super Bowl reached more than 200 countries around the globe with the help of Comcast. Those broadcasts were available in approximately 25 different languages. More than 500 journalists from outside the United States made the trip to Indianapolis to participate to conduct interviews and do stories on the Super Bowl. The influx of media on such a major scale speaks to the importance of how big of a sporting event this has become throughout the world.

Superbowl Gains Popularity

Outside of the World Cup in soccer, there are not many sporting events that can rival the sheer hype and entertainment appeal the Super Bowl brings to the table. Part of the draw is the appeal of seeing commercials filmed and released for the event. Another appeal is the Super Bowl halftime show featuring some the world's most popular bands and solo artists giving a mini-concert. The game itself offers the biggest reason for drawing viewers because it usually pits the two best NFL teams together on the same field to decide the league champion. 

American football still has a long way to go before approaching the sort of popularity sports such as soccer or basketball enjoy on a global scale. When it comes to the Super Bowl, however, there seems to be no cultural barrier. The number of sports fans looking to tune in and get a dose of American football is growing in huge numbers with each year. There is no ceiling to how popular of an event the Super Bowl could end up being when it is all said and done.

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