Spa Supplies for the Massage Therapist

If you are a massage therapist working in a spa environment, the supplies you need could be a bit different than the supplies you would need if you are just working out of your home, or making house calls for your customers. When you are working in a spa, you will need spa supplies that will give the customer that heightened sense of relaxation that they have come to expect from a spa.

When customers go to a spa, they often go for relaxation purposes. Often, they have begun to feel pain or tension, or they simply need to alleviate some stress. They come to the spa expecting a complete relaxation experience. This can include a massage, a body scrub, a facial, or any other number of treatments. But, what does this mean for you, as the massage therapist?

For a massage therapist in a spa, this could mean that you need a few extra spa supplies. The types of supplies you will need might include special massage oils, lotions, soothing CDs, candles, and any other supplies that might make your customer feel more relaxed. When you are working in a spa, you need the supplies that will take your massage to the highest standards of relaxation. Of course, which oils, lotions, or CDs you use will ultimately depend upon your customers’ preferences.

The customer is key when working in a spa. If your customer wants a massage with hot stones, or warmed oils, that is what you should be able to incorporate into your massage. There are spa supplies that can make this possible. There are oil warmers, or cabinets that will warm your towels and linens in order to give your customer a massage experience in which their muscles are completely relaxed and tension free. If you check a medical resource, you will find that heat is very effective when massaging muscles.

When working in a spa, it is not just about providing a service, such as massage therapy; it is about creating a completely relaxing atmosphere. A spa customer may go directly from their massage therapy to a pedicure, and the transition should be comfortable and seamless. In order to fit in at a spa, the massage therapist might need spa supplies including a padded and heated massage table, a massage table that can recline, oils, perfumes, aromatherapy candles, basically the works. It is an attention to detail and quality that creates loyal spa customers.

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