Sorting Through New Skateboard Equipment

Sorting Through New Skateboard Equipment

Do a Bartman by grabbing your skateboard and riding into town at lightning speeds! Before you take off though, it might be smart to pick up some new skateboard equipment. What sorts of parts and pieces do skaters need after they choose their skateboard of choice?

You have to think about replacement parts, like skateboard wheels in case of maintenance, as well as replacement board and grip tape. There’s also room in your backpack for skate bearings and a hardware kit. A hardware kit typically comes with eight bolts and eight lock nuts, which you may end up using should you damage your board pulling off an awesome 360. You can also customize the size of these parts based on the size and style of your risers.

Any machine part requires lubricant, so don’t forget to pick up skating “cream”, which is low viscosity, synthetic oil that helps reduce friction and get better performance from your board. Skating oil also helps to protect the skateboard against corrosion. Other accessories of interest include skating apparel (everything from animals to symbols), bearings, decks, long boards and how-to videos.

Along the way, don’t forget to invest in protective skateboard equipment. Skate without protection and you could meet up with Black Mike and Keenan Milton somewhere on the other side. It is imperative that you protect your head, and you can do this with a skate helmet, such as a Pro-Tec Bucky Lasek Ace model. Although it’s not vital to protect your arms and legs, it sure doesn’t feel very good when you skin your knee across a parking lot. If you want to minimize pain, don’t forget to wear elbow pads, knee pads and knee gaskets.

Skateboard equipment is usually cheap and most protective gear sells for less than $50. Complete skateboards can get pricey but even top of the line boards with designer art sell for less than $100. Most skaters find it advantageous to have a few boards on standby just in case of an emergency. Some boards are longer, some have larger wheels, and some offer advantages when performing specific skating styles.

You can shop between various skating equipment manufacturers like Pro-Tec, 187, Triple Eight, Lucky, Lax and Bones. You can also find discounted and clearance items online. What are you waiting for? Gear up and start pulling off some Five Ohs and 360s…just be sure someone’s taping you for the YouTube show later!

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