Skateboard Gear You Need to Tear Up the Tar

We have all seen professional skateboarders on the X-Games and we’ve been amazed by their tricks. Just how exactly do they do what they do? They have the right gear! If you’re just starting out as a skateboarder, or you’re just looking to improve from where you are right now, there are a few things that you have got to consider purchasing first.

The first and most essential piece of skateboard gear on the market isn’t even something that your feet should ever touch. It’s a helmet. You can forget your knee and elbow pads, fall off of your skateboard, and wind up with a few scratches. Unfortunately, if you fall off of your skateboard and hit your head, you can do some serious damage. You could crack your skull, get a concussion, suffer permanent brain damage, and you can even die. It is beyond dangerous to skateboard without this essential piece of skateboard gear. How will you try out all of those cool new tricks you’re learning without a helmet?

Since a helmet is so crucial to becoming an expert skateboarder, you need to make sure you’re purchasing one that’s actually going to serve its purpose. A good helmet features foam all over the inside so that your head is protected if you fall. You’ll also want to purchase a helmet that has a hard outer shell. You are going to fall and your helmet is going to hit the pavement, so you want it to be able to withstand those blows. A strap is also a must when you’re choosing a helmet.

Knee and elbow pads are two other important pieces of skateboard gear. These cover two of your most important joints so that you don’t injure them beyond repair. Although you can find these at very low prices, it is important that you purchase somewhat high-quality knee and elbow pads. Injuries to these two joins can be difficult to recover from and it’s important that you protect them.

Lastly, it is always a good idea to purchase a quality pair of skateboard shoes. While there are a ton of these shoes out there, you have to be sure that you are purchasing a pair that is actually meant to pound the pavement. You’ll need a pair of shoes that can secure a tight grip on your skateboard, but that are also comfortable and easy to move in.

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