Silver Prices Today and the 2012 Future

Interested in silver prices today and what the future holds?  No, we’re not going to bother predicting doom and gloom for the 2012 near.  We’re fairly sure Planet X Nibiru is not going to hit in December and throw our whole solar system off, and we’re pretty sure that an apocalyptic war is probably not going to happen.  However, we can’t be unreasonably confident and say that 2012 is going to be a great year!

This is a year that is already looking questionable according to financial experts, and that’s not even taking into account any unexpected “disasters.”  Just look at the inevitable collapse of the euro and the Eurozone.  Most experts predict both the Eurozone and the U.S. will continue operate in a “dysfunctional” manner and deal with their impending financial crises.  There may be added instability as no one will even know what laws will be put into effect, (a throwback to FDR perhaps?), or even what currency will be accepted from foreigners.  What a strange thought!  How will it feel to pay for goods in silver?  These are just some of the issues to cover when considering silver prices today.

Other experts state that it is inevitable that the U.S. dollar will fall against gold and silver materials, perhaps as high as 20%.  Silver prices today are already much more valuable than U.S. currency and this gap could widen if the U.S. prints more money or reports more trouble with unemployment or debt. 

Another factor to take seriously is that of bankruptcy, which is a huge happening, and which affects multiple industries, including gold and silver producers, and brokerage firms.  The year 2012 will no doubt bring some very interesting turns of events. 

Now is the time to talk to a coin dealer to learn about silver prices today and what investment options you can pursue. 

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