Salesforce CTI Integration Pumps up Volume at Call Centers

Imagine if you had a customer call and before your live customer service agent answered the phone you already knew:

• Who was calling, where they were calling from and how many times they had called in the previous month.

• How long the caller has been a customer with the company.

• Any pending sales the customer has with the company.

• Any marketing campaigns the customer has responded to.

• Any other problems the customer has had.

• The correct diagnosis of the person’s problem and how to solve it.

What would knowing all this information do to the bottom line of your business? My guess is a lot. It could help you cut your customer service calls by up to half a minute and allow your agents to truly solve customers’ issues instead of feeling like robots soliciting a bunch of data. So how does one get this magical system? Try Salesforce CTI Integration, it’s the wave of the future that is catching on with today’s top businesses and the latest buzz word seen on your local software review site.

Salesforce CTI Integration Entirely Accessible for Businesses

Thanks to the cloud computing nature of the Salesforce software, integrating your CTI system with the Salesforce application can be seamless and easy. All you need is an adapter, a device which sits on the customer agent’s desk, that helps culls the data from your web-based Salesforce software. The adapters are provided by telephony software companies like Syntellect. The integration is relatively simple considering the amazing and sophisticated information the integration would provide your customer sales agent.

Salesforce CTI Integration Gives Businesses an Edge

There are several options Salesforce CTI Integration can provide businesses include click to dial features, where customer service agents need only to click on the customers contact link in Salesforce and it automatically dials the contact number. It provides agents with a super-size caller ID, having a screen pop up with incoming calls providing the name, location, and other information about callers. The integration allows automatic logging of customer service calls. The integration provides a wealth of detailed information that will allow the customer agent to actually solve the issues presented by the caller and dispense with that useless ritual of having the customer repeat all the bio information he or she entered when they first called. Using the Salesforce CTI Integration can catapult your customer service efforts to the next level affecting your bottom line in a positive way.


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