Reasons to Have Santa Monica Solar Energy Systems Installed in Your Home

When you are considering having Santa Monica solar energy systems installed, a few old “myths” may rear their ugly heads.  Don’t believe all the old stories you have heard; find out the truth about solar power and all of its benefits.      

The biggest myth you will hear about solar energy is that it is simply far too expensive for the average homeowner to be able to afford.  Solar power does cost a good amount of money upfront, there is truth to that part, but what most people don’t look at is the big picture.  Once your Santa Monica residential solar system is installed you will have years of completely free energy.  Imagine never paying a dime to the electric company again, in fact if you are plugged into the grid and making excess energy, imagine the electric companies owing you!  That means in just a few years’ time your system has completely paid for itself, and you will still have years' worth of energy savings ahead.  Also tack on all of California’s current incentives and rebates to make the switch, as well as the federal government's current tax breaks, and you will see that this is one myth that simply isn’t true.       

Another big myth is that if you make the switch to Santa Monica solar energy systems you will have to make a major lifestyle change, getting rid of all big appliances and washing your clothes by hand in a river.  While living a hippie lifestyle certainly can be “green”, it isn’t required for making the switch to solar power.  You will still be able to run all your big electronic items, including your washer and dryer, big screen, and multiple computers.  If you choose a professional installer like Verengo Solar, they can make recommendations on how you can save on energy usage if you prefer, which can help you install a smaller system.  Simple changes such as switching to energy efficient light bulbs and appliances can make a very big impact on your energy usage, but that is all left up to you to decide. 

Many people are looking for “green” solutions today, and unfortunately end up believing that it takes more energy to make a solar panel then the panel can output.  This is simply a bad myth, as the small fraction of energy it takes to make a panel can be offset in a very short time of use.  Panels can last upwards of 50 years, which is a lot of time away from fossil fuels. 

Don’t let misconceptions and myths deter you from making the switch to Santa Monica solar energy systems!  Learn the truth and make an educated decision for yourself. 



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