PHD Virtual Backup for XenServer


Being able to take a backup is as important in vSphere world as it is everywhere else. PHD Virtual Backup for Citrix XenServer is one backup XenServer offered solution to the dilemma of being able to backup your virtual machines and there are a number of different editions to choose from - but what exactly is Automated VM Protection and Recovery?

Administrators can make use of a simple set up wizard in order to create snapshot and archival policies. These snapshots, which are scheduled to take place on a regular basis, assist with protecting against the prospect of data loss in the event of a failure with your virtual machines. The policies which are established are based on factors such as the amount of historical data which is retained, the location of the archive, frequency and type of snapshot. Simply picking what was known to be the last good known archive is what completes the process of recovering a virtual machine.

The system is extremely simple to use and is able to do perform its function while integrated in XenServer administration console. On the downside, it does take a lot of time and is a fairly basic answer to a basic need.

The VM Protection and Recovery (VMPR) feature of XenServer offers a simple utility for the backing up and restoration of critical service virtual machines. The automatic regular snapshots can be made use of in order to restore virtual machines should disaster strike. Regular scheduled snapshots also have the option of being automatically archived to a remote NFS or CIFS share, which gives an extra level of security.

VM Protection and Recovery functions by having virtual machine protection policies which operate pool-wide and that define the schedules of snapshots for particular virtual machines that are in the pool. Should a policy be enabled, snapshots are then taken of the chosen virtual machines at the regularly scheduled time of the hour, day and/or week, and when configured can also be automatically archived. A number of policies can be enabled in a pool that covers different virtual machines as well as a number of different schedules.

There is no compression of course, which means that on each and every occasion it is a complete snapshot which has been taken, but nonetheless there can be no denying the fact that the option is there and can be very helpful.


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