Installing Solar Panels

Installing Solar Panels

Solar panels are made up of a large number of photovoltaic cells (“photo-“means light). These cells capture the photons that make up light energy and create a reaction that causes electrons to flow, creating electricity. This reaction is continuous and gives off no harmful side effects, allowing for the safe creation of mass amounts of power.

If solar power is so awesome, why is it not being used more often? The answer lies in two parts. First, conventional methods of electric generation are more heavily funded. Second, the technology is still coming along. Early photovoltaic cells could only create small amounts of electricity; there was enough to power a small desk calculator, but certainly not enough to power a refrigerator, much less an entire house. As the technology increases, we are able to capture more and more of the sun’s energy hitting the earth. (The amount of the sun’s energy hitting the earth, by the way, is more than enough to power the world many times over with plenty to spare!) Eventually, we hope to be able to power large buildings using nothing but solar energy.

However, solar energy is nothing to stick your nose up at! Technology as it is now is already supplementing primary means of electricity generation, and in a few cases, providing enough electricity to power entire homes from time to time. Depending on your usage, you could generate more than enough electricity to power your home during the day, sending the excess to the electric company. Then, at night, some or all of the electricity you use could be offset by the excess amount used during the day! Moreover, at the very least, it is a cleaner method of powering our homes, and we enjoy keeping nice, clean homes for as long as we are able.

Taking advantage of Coronado Solar Panels enables homeowners to receive some of their monthly energy at rates cheaper than that of the local electric company—free! With Coronado Solar Panels, energy is captured from the sun during the daylight hours and converted into a form that any home can use to power their necessary needs. In many cases, if a house generates more power than it needs, that power can be sold to the electric company. Installed by Verengo Solar Panels, an investment of solar panels will reduce the amount of electricity generated by pollution-causing sources, making a greener—and cheaper—environment for everyone!

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