Important Information on How a Catheter Works

A catheter is certainly not pleasant subject matter but it is a necessity in medicine and healthcare, and usually becomes necessary when a person suffers from incontinence or has a condition that does not allow the ordinary transfer of waste.  Some common uses for catheterization include kidney problems, administration of other components to a patient, and sometimes artificial insemination.  The first device was actually invented in the 18th century.  However, there is evidence of primitive catheter-like objects from the ancient days of Syria. 

The device is a tube that is inserted inside a body cavity.  It can be used on both men and women.  There are multiple types of devices, including the internal catheter, as well as external ones.  Traditional types, like the Foley version, are often seen as problematic, since they involve repeated insertion of the device into the waste organ (in a man’s case into the opening of the penis).  While this is not as painful as you might think (especially if you have never done it before) it is certainly not a pleasant experience.  True, lubricant does make the experience less painful than it could be.  Still, many patients dislike the Foley device because it carries the risk of infection, and does involve substantial discomfort.

This is one reason why the external catheter or Texas version is so popular.  This type of device operates like a condom.  The user simply puts the device over the organ without the need for inserting a hard object.  This device also carries with it a decreased chance of infection and just feels much better to the average person!  This device is recommended for the alleviation of pain and the general improvement of health, and is thus a very remarkable creation in the medical field. 

After the piece is installed, the user can transfer waste through a tube and a drainage bag.  The bag must be replaced and or washed on a consistent basis.  Some catheters must also be replaced on a regular basis.  For more information on this issue, talk to a doctor about options that are available.  This process actually does make life more enjoyable for patients suffering from urinary incontinence and other painful conditions.  You can learn more about this condition and others like it from a health news website that focuses on conditions and cures, or you can start surfing for an online store that sells these devices for affordable prices. 


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