How and Why a Male Catheter Works

A male catheter is an effective tool used by doctors for various reasons. In short, a catheter is a specific type of tubing that runs from the exterior of the body to the interior. It generally runs through openings on the body, but doctors can insert a catheter into the veins, too. This particular type, though, is used for uterine catheterization. That is the process of inserting a catheter into a male's penis in order to help with urinary tract problems. Some products are not this invasive, though they still work to help control bladder flow. For many men, this becomes necessary after developing male insentience problems or suffering from a condition like Alzheimer's disease.

How does the male catheter work? This device is available in two forms. In one form, the tubing runs into the penis and into the bladder. It collects urine from this point and runs it out of the body. In another form, a sheath is placed over the top of the penis. It is held in place by adhesive products or by a jockey strap like device. It remains in place to collect urine as it flows out of the body. It then uses tubing to pass that urine into a urine collection bag. Both methods allow for the collection of urine outside of the body to ensure that no accidents occur.

Individuals who suffer from the inability to control bladder function are unable to control when the urine leaves the body. With a system like this in place, the man can feel like he has more control over this bodily function. The male catheter works as a solution for immediate use, such as when a person is in a hospital setting. It can also work as a long-term tool when medication and other procedures are unavailable to provide solutions. The bag that collections the urine can do so for about 24 hours, as needed.

If your doctor says that you need to use a male catheter, it can be a struggle to accept. However, it can be easier than you think to use it and to benefit from it. In many cases, these products can be very effective at helping you to improve your quality of life. You can find these products at a medical site. You may wish to talk to your doctor about which type of product is best for your specific needs.

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