Get the Massage Supplies You Need

Depending on the types of massages you will be doing, the types of massage supplies you use will be different as well. Chair massages will have a different set of core supplies as compared to table massages. For our purposes, we will discuss the supplies for table massages. Medical news is reporting that more and more people are turning to massage therapists as a way of treating their medical ailments. It is your job, as a massage therapist, to keep your massage room as clean as possible and have access to all the latest massage supplies.


The massage table is the most essential item from your massage supplies list. Without the table, you obviously would not be able to have a service to offer patients. Consider spending most of your budget on purchasing this item because it is such an essential part to your business. Do some research and listen to medical news to hear about the latest and most effective massage tables available.


Because sheets come in a variety of colors and fabrics, it is important to know what type you would prefer. It might be useful to stick to the same type of fabric and color to give your massage room a uniform look when clients come in for their massages. Cotton and linen sheets are the most popular of the massage supplies included in any massage room. The sheets your clients will be laying on and under need to be cleaned after every use and that will wear down your sheets quickly. Be sure to purchase a durable and long lasting fabric so you are not wasting your money purchasing a fabric that will look bad after only one wash.


This essential part to doing business comes in a variety of types and colors. Individual massage therapists usually prefer one type of oil over another. Purchase enough oil so you know you will not run out. It is important that you always have plenty of massage supplies on hand. You might also want to consider carrying at least one all natural massage oil, just in case you get a client who has been following medical news and decides they can only have a massage with an all natural ingredient list.

Purchasing your massage supplies is easily completed through using online companies. You can purchase your table, sheets and oils all in one place and through a reputable massage equipment supplies. 

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