Gain Freedom and Independence with Vehicle Hand Controls

There are many innovative tools now available for those living with disabilities. Vehicles equipped with mobility lifts and other equipment have allowed disabled individuals to drive with ease. With such equipment, it is now possible for disabled people to drive vehicles without the assistance of others. For purposes such as getting into and out of a car and safely using all driving controls, mobility equipment has provided a greater sense of freedom and independence for many.

Contemporary vehicle hand controls are one of the many innovative devices now used in mobility vehicles. They allow disabled people to operate the brake and acceleration systems of a vehicle without having to push on the pedals directly. Modern-day vehicle hand controls are lightweight, yet strong, and collapse for easy storage. There are some varieties that are geared toward more permanent installation in a vehicle. However, if a disabled person shares a vehicle with a person who does not need hand controls, there are many devices that are very easy to install and remove as desired. These control devices can be adjusted in order to provide the most customized comfort for the user.

Portable vehicle hand controls are also great for traveling purposes. Whether you are going on a vacation or are traveling for business, renting a car has never been easier. Although it’s not always easy to find a car rental business that offers handicap-equipped vehicles, you can bring along your lightweight, collapsible hand controls so that it’s possible to drive a car wherever you are. However, it is important that you rent an automatic transmission vehicle. For even greater convenience, purchase hand controls that do not require extra tools in order to make adjustments or to install the device with ease.

Medical news has shown that many disabled individuals have found mobility hand controls to be safe and easy to use. They are easy to become familiar with and work well as long as you have good hand control and function. If you do have limited dexterity in your hands, hand controls may not be suitable. Discuss your options with your doctor and talk with a mobility expert to ensure you are purchasing equipment that is safe to use when considering your physical abilities. Searching online will provide the greatest variety of mobility equipment. Internet pharmacy stores also offer significant discounts on products since they carry supplies in larger quantities. As long as you have adequate dexterity in your hands, you should be able to greatly benefit from vehicle hand controls.

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