Finding A Reliable Backup Service Provider

Large corporations, medium sized companies and small business organizations are well aware of the fact that the information they send, receive, analyze and retrieve is definitely amongst one of their most important assets and that their continuity as a company and their productivity levels can be seriously compromised if suddenly all or part of their information is lost or damaged.

This is probably the main reason why there are many companies that are investing in a reliable backup service. The problem is that there is a vast majority of them and that they all offer services of different quality and it may be difficult for the inexpert eye to tell who are trustworthy and who are not.

Here are some useful tips that will help you find a reliable backup service provider that is tailored suit to the particular and specific needs of your organization.

One of the first questions you have to ask the backup service company is if you are able to maintain a local copy of your information using their solution. If you can, that is really advantageous as it enables your IT expert to restore data in almost no time as you do not have to wait for at least over twelve hours to have the information sent back to you over the Internet or over a secure mailing service.

Other worth asking question is if your business information is encrypted both while it is in transit and while it is stored in their data base. This is of utmost importance as it is virtually the only way you have to make sure that no one has access to your private and sensitive data. You should always be allowed to use your own encryption key and never accept when they offer you to use an automatically generated one.

It is almost important that you also ask them about the security level they employ. Make sure that they offer you firewalls, physical security, and authentication and that they also offer continuous data protection. This service is especially useful if you manage sensitive information that you do not have any physical back up of as it backs up data in real time.

VMware backup solutions are amongst the most complete and reliable ones. They are amongst the most preferred by large corporations, mediums sized companies and small business organizations because they offer tailored suit data backup solutions to each of them.

In addition, software downloads can be done efficiently with them too.

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