DIY Solutions to the Daily Grind


Working in the trades can be extremely harsh on your body.  Whether you’re an electrician, operator, carpenter, or a laborer, work related pain and discomfort are a nearly constant reality.  Injuries are not hard to come by on job sites.  Wear and tear is also a threat to your body and can often be worse than the traditional injury. 

Treating every ailment at a doctor, chiropractor, acupuncturist, or masseuse can be very expensive.  Rest is always recommended for allowing the body to heal but is not realistically possible for someone who spends for hours a week digging drainage ditches in order to feed their family.  So what can you do to soothe some of your pain without piling up outrageous conventional and holistic medical bills while still going to work everyday?

Fortunately, self treatment is a legitimate option for those dealing with this painful conundrum.  There are products and methods that can be used and practiced, off the clock, in order to help your body heal and deal with the stress of a physical job.  Many of these products and methods can easily be found, purchased, and studied online.

Through a simple internet search you will find that there are many options for purchasing DIY body soothing equipment.  For example, there are many massage tools online at that are available for purchase.  They have several manual and electronic tools to take care of your own aches or to help your significant other work your problems out.  We’re not just talking backscratchers either.  They have several professional massage tools, electronic massagers, car seat massagers, foot rollers, etc. 

There are also other ways to help you in your fight against work related pain and discomfort.  Stretching is a way to help your body be more prepared for the rigors of the work week.  Stretching before and after work strengthens your body against stress and increases your flexibility to avoid future injuries.  Yoga is recommended as a solution by many. 

It is also of great importance to observe your daily movements and change them for the better.  Bending the wrong way as you shovel or leaning awkwardly as you nail in wood framing could be the root cause of all of your problems.

Soothing products and changes in the daily grind could be just the solution your back has been waiting for.  If you take the time to do some simple internet searching, you will find your life much more comfortable.  Enjoy these simple DIY solutions to the daily grind and start feeling better today.

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