Dealing With Enuresis Using CHUX

Enuresis, commonly known as involuntary urination or bed wetting when it happens at night, is an extremely common medical ailment that is most common in children under 7 years of age, adults over the age of 60, and people with extreme stress or emotional trauma. Enuresis can also surface, temporarily or permanently, as a post-operative complication with certain types of surgery. It can also feature as a rare side effect of certain medication. With these myriad causes, it’s no wonder that so many people suffer from this particular condition. So, how can you help yourself or a loved one mitigate the embarrassing and messy results of such an awkward situation?

CHUX: The Caretaker’s Top Choice

CHUX, sometimes simply known as “the blue pads,” are highly absorbent, surprisingly thin blue pads that can be slipped invisibly underneath bedding, sheets, upholstery, or anywhere that a little extra absorbency could prove useful. They’re incredibly easy to use and even easier to change, and remain the gold (or blue, rather) standard against which all other under pads are measured. CHUX have been in the medical news numerous times for their surprising versatility and inherent utility. They’ve even gained a bit of a cult following outside of the medical community, as they work well for housebreaking dogs and cats, catching spills when working with messy materials, and any other task where mitigating wet spills may turn out to be important.

To use your CHUX pad, simply place it under the sheet, bedding, or upholstery of your choice before yourself or the loved one with enuresis sits or lays down. When the CHUX pad becomes soiled, simply move the materials atop the pad, throw it away, and replace it with a new pad and clean bedding, upholstery or sheeting. CHUX should be replaced after every accident; the absorbency of the under pads and the health of the user are both compromised if the CHUX are left in place for too long or for too many leakage incidents.

Even if stress is not the predominant cause of the enuresis you’re dealing with, emotional distress and general stress can both increase the frequency of the enuretic emissions. It’s for the best, for you and the person you care for, to make dealing with these little interruptions as easy and painless as possible. And by using CHUX, that’s precisely what you are doing.


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