Choosing the Proper Size Knee Brace

As we get older our joints and muscles become stiffer and are more likely to ache. One common ailment is knee pain. Knee injuries can be extremely painful especially if you are overweight. You might need a special brace such as the plus size knee brace. This robust brace is designed for optimal comfort and can be used on either knee. This well-made knee brace is equipped with additional padding which adds warmth to your injured knee, and is completely adjustable.

Before wearing a knee brace your physical therapist must measure the injured knee. There are a couple of measurements that are needed, and this is accomplished with a tape measure. Starting at the center of the knee you measure 6in above, and 6 in below. These measurements are made with the knee kept straight. Your therapist may provide you with a knee brace, or recommend that you order one.

Once you have your knee brace on try walking. Make sure it feels comftorable. The brace will keep your knee stable and helps prevent you from falling and worsening your injured knee. Larger people benefit too, because they tend to place more stress on their knees because of extra weight. In this case a good brace is required for the required stability. The brace should also reduce pain and help your knee heal faster.

Certainly, having a good knee brace is paramount if you have suffered a knee injury or are recovering from knee surgery. It is a tool designed to help you recover. However, it is not a cure in of itself. You could be wearing a brace as part of your physical therapy. It is this physical therapy that will help you regain lost knee motion and strength. A good knee brace is a tool to that end. If you injure your knee, do not attempt to self-diagnose the problem. Go to the doctor to find out what the problem is. Physical therapy and the wearing of a knee brace may follow.

To recap, as we age knee joints tend to stiffen and are easily injured. If you are overweight you are placing excess stress on your knees further exasperating the problem. If you think you have injured your knee go the doctor. He may send you to physical therapy where it is likely they will fit you for a knee brace. If you are recovering from knee surgery it is likely that you will also be sent to physical therapy and will end up wearing a knee brace.

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