Buy Gold Coins for Easy Metals Investing

Are you looking for a simple way to get started with your first investment in the precious metals market?  Do you want to purchase gold bullion, but find that the price of a bullion bar is way out of your range?  The good news is that it is still possible for you to invest in gold bullion and that there is no need to turn to current gimmicks such as investing in scrap gold.  The solution you really need is simple.  Instead of bars, you simply need to buy gold coins.

Keep in mind that the gold coins in question here are pure bullion coins.  There are a number of different types and sizes to choose from.  The South African Krugerrand, the Canadian Maple Leaf, and the Vienna Philharmonic are all very popular choices.  Of course, the most popular and highly sought after bullion coin is the American Gold Eagle.  Available in anywhere from a tenth of an ounce of gold up to a full ounce, these coins offer a guarantee from the US Mint for content, purity, and weight – something no other US bullion coin can boast.  This helps to drive many collectors all over the globe to buy gold coins from dealers that carry the American Eagle.

The decision to buy gold coins can be an excellent one for many reasons.  Bullion metals are certainly excellent ways to help protect an investment portfolio against economic risks and uncertainty, which is something that every investor should think about, but in today’s economy they also offer nearly unrivaled profit potential.  Looking at the price of gold over the past couple of years can show you just how far the metal has come since the economic crisis and can lead you to understand what will happen if the US hits the debt ceiling.  Gold may well be the best way to keep yourself safe.

Few assets in the world offer the buying power and wealth protection of precious metals, which means that the decision to buy gold coins is simply smart.  If you are seeking to get into the precious metals market but find that you do not have the capital to invest in huge bullion bars, why not start with these coins?  They are made with the same investment grade gold and carry the same value, but they are more affordable and easier to store and transport.  When you need a great way to invest in the market, gold coins can be perfect.

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