Benefits of Kiniseo Tape

Available in every color under the sun and used by athletes from all over the world, Kiniseo tape was invented by Japanese doctor Kenzo Kase over thirty years ago. Recently seen on Olympic athletes in colors like hot pink and vibrant aqua blue, this therapeutic muscle tape helps to support the muscles while in use, and it helps to prevent pain associated with simple muscle sprains and strains. Whether you use a bit of plain Kiniseo to support an injured wrist or if you want to go all out like British Olympian Dwain Chambers and use a pattern such as the Union Jack Kiniseo tape he used to support his lower left leg during sprinting, you'll be pleased with the way the tape performs.

While there is nothing magical to this tape, and while it won't make you perform like an Olympian, it can reduce pressure and help to relieve the pain and swelling associated with overstressed muscles. It won't actually improve your athletic performance - that part is up to you - but it is very useful in improving your active range of motion while preventing pain from limiting your athletic performance.

The tape is also used in physical therapy sessions to relax muscles suffering from overuse. In addition, it is used in physical rehabilitation to support muscles that have become weak from lack of use. Kiniseo tape is different from standard athletic tape in that it has elastic properties that make it ideal for utilization in applications designed to either encourage or limit motion at the site of a specific joint. It contains no latex and may be worn for several days at a time, and it is suitable for use by people of all ages. 

Athletes like seven time Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong, Kerri Walsh, and tennis great Serena Williams have been spotted using the tape, as have Italy's football stars Gianluigi Buffon and Mario Balotelli and many others. These world-class athletes rely on the tape for everything from supporting a rotator cuff after surgery to treating sore muscles. While star athletes often rely on their physical therapists and support personnel to apply the therapeutic tape for them, you can easily learn the proper techniques for applying the tape to the muscle or joint of your choice.

Whether you need to reduce pain in your knees, ankles, wrists, feet, or any other essential moving body part, Kiniseo tape can help you do it, often allowing you to continue training so you don't miss a beat. 


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