Advantages of Using an Invert Mini Paintball Marker

Advantages of Using an Invert Mini Paintball Marker

Most paintball enthusiasts spend a considerable amount of time choosing a paintball marker. While a player’s skill level is the most important aspect of success in a paintball game, the equipment a player uses can make a significant difference especially when it comes to paintball guns. This is why many experienced players are opting for the Invert Mini paintball marker. Purchasing a reliable, high-quality gun will not only improve your game, but will ensure that you will be able to use this important piece of equipment for many years to come.

Players often prefer the Invert Mini paintball marker because it is small and lightweight. This is important for paintball games such as Speedball that require quick action. This fast-paced game benefits from lighter, compact markers. The hoses on the Invert Mini are enclosed within the gun, which is another feature that adds to its streamlined, compact size. This gun is also known to be easy to strip down and clean.

Invert designed the Mini to be ready to use right out of its packaging. Besides having to power up the gun with a single push of a button, which acts as a safety, this marker takes minimal effort to use. It features quick trigger capability. Should you need to upgrade the stock trigger, Invert offers several options. Changing modes requires removal of the fore-grip cover.

Invert offers Mini paintball gun packages. Buying your marker in a package is often more cost effective and takes away the hassle of putting together marker equipment on your own. For instance, many come with the compressed air tank as part of the package.

The design that Invert created for the Mini is truly unique and is apparent upon first inspection of this innovative paintball gun. The sleek setup is easy to maintain and easy to use once in the game. Internal parts are organized efficiently and allow players to maintain it with minimal effort. For further ease of use, the board has been placed in the front grip of the marker allowing simple and quick access when battery replacement is necessary or if the board itself needs to be replaced. The simplicity of the Invert Mini’s design is ideal for beginning players who are just learning about maintenance of paintball markers and for advanced players who prefer quick access. An added bonus for experienced players is that this gun is highly customizable.

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