A Chiropractic Activator is Very Helpful

Anyone who has ever visited a chiropractor has probably stopped to wonder just how these people manage to complete a workday without being overly exhausted. The amount of movement, lifting, and hand manipulation of muscles and limbs is bound to be fatiguing, but many savvy chiropractors use a tool known as a chiropractic activator.

This looks like an oversized syringe or needle but actually features a dull tip that is used to force a specific area of the body to move slightly into a new position. The chiropractic activator has an adjustable amount of tension and it features a finger grip and trigger that allows a brief burst of energy to move a small area of bone or tissue. This has been proven to be more effective than shifting larger areas of bone into a new position.

The mechanics of any chiropractic activator are very simple and feature an adjustable amount of tension inside of the body of the device. This then disperses a low force and high-speed amount of energy into the targeted region. It is not like a blow or a punch because the tip of the chiropractic activator is very small and the spring is often able to deliver a range of settings.

The benefit to patients is well known, but many chiropractors also view this tool as an absolute essential. This is because it spares their hands from a lot of wear and tear and ensures very targeted and even results. Just consider that you might grip or apply pressure in a place repeatedly and each delivery could range at a different level of intensity. This does not generally promote healing to the same degree that even and regulated force will.

It is also important to note that a chiropractor can suffer all of the same repetitive movement injuries that their patients might, and these activators can dramatically reduce the chances of this happening. For instance, the padded palm grips and the finger guards mean that there are no risks of the metal "cutting" or pressing too sharply into any part of the hand.  The position that the device demands in terms of the hands and wrists is also optimal and will protect the joint and the nerves.

Clearly, this is a device that is a "win win" for everyone involved and is something that should be used by anyone who provides chiropractic or therapeutic treatments to the spine or limbs.

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