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Many people may think they know how to stain a deck.  In fact, they may have even gone through the process one or more times.  But in order to get results that not only look nice, but also last, ...Read More
When people think about spas, they usually think about all the pampering items, like hot stone massages, facial masks, and body scrubs. As a spa owner, however you also have to think about all the ...Read More
Given the current state of the economy it is going to be very hard for any type of profession to really be able to report having profits right now.  People are just going to be very picky about wh...Read More
Available in every color under the sun and used by athletes from all over the world, Kiniseo tape was invented by Japanese doctor Kenzo Kase over thirty years ago. Recently seen on Olympic athletes...Read More
  Working in the trades can be extremely harsh on your body.  Whether you’re an electrician, operator, carpenter, or a laborer, work related pain and discomfort are a nearly constant reality...Read More

Chewy Tubes - Story

  Many children have a fascination with chewing. They chew chair backs, clothing, their fingers, your fingers; anything they can latch between their teeth. This presents a special problem if yo...Read More
Anyone who has ever visited a chiropractor has probably stopped to wonder just how these people manage to complete a workday without being overly exhausted. The amount of movement, lifting, and han...Read More
As we get older our joints and muscles become stiffer and are more likely to ache. One common ailment is knee pain. Knee injuries can be extremely painful especially if you are overweight. You migh...Read More
  Many people seek out different types of treatments for their stress related pain. Chiropractics is only one of the methods people choose to use, Chiropractics is a health care field which foc...Read More
Receiving an award or honor is always a delightful experience. But your corporate awards dinner doesn't have to be a strictly black-tie affair. Shake up your formal evening with a fun theme that ev...Read More

Studebakers Pizza - Local Spotlight

Studebakers Pizza Studebakers Pizza is Gatesville’s choice for the best small town pizza around!  Studebakers Pizza offers locals and tourists fantastic pizza, salads and oven toaste...Read More

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