Gatesville Community

So Much to Love about the Gatesville Community

The Gatesville community has much to offer visitors as well as residents. Often referred to as the "Spur Capital of Texas" due to what is said to be the largest collection of spurs in the world, the town of Gatesville has something for everyone; including a full-time drive-in theater.

While Gatesville remains small enough that everyone is able to know their neighbors by name, this community is also large enough to offer all of the most modern advantages and services that you would find in a much larger city. A family friendly community with excellent health care, great schools, growing businesses and numerous recreational opportunities, Gatesville is a place you will love to call home.

Due to the diversity of the community, Gatesville jobs are based on an economy that involves criminal justice, agriculture and retail. The Texas Department of Criminal Justice has continued to expand in the area and there are now several prisons in the area offer various law enforcement career opportunities. There are also two manufacturing companies located in the area.

Not only are there several excellent public Gatesville schools but the community is also only a short drive to several colleges and universities, including Baylor University, Central Texas College, McLennan Community College, Temple College, Texas State Technical Institute and the University of Mary Hardin Baylor.

Visitors and residents will find the Gatesville weather to be ideal for enjoying the abundance of outdoor and recreational activities in the area. The climate in the area is similar to the climate throughout central Texas with warm summers and relatively mild winters; which is one reason why so many people choose to retire here from other areas of the country.

From an abundance of jobs to an excellent array of educational opportunities, the Gatesville community has something to offer everyone.