Gatesville Museums

The Dr. Pepper Museum is just a short drive from Gatesville, Texas.
Exploring Museums in Gatesville, TX

Visitors and residents alike will find numerous Gatesville, TX museums to enjoy in the local area. The Buckhorn Museum in Gatesville is by far one of the most popular museums in the entire region. History buffs and fans of western legend and lore will certainly want to plan to spend plenty of time perusing this museum, which is located across from the courthouse. Trophy mounts of many different animals, birds and fish are showcased at the Buckhorn Museum. The Hall of Texas History Wax Museum is also housed here, featuring more than 400 years of unique Texas history through a variety of interactive displays.

Coryell Museum in Gatesville is another popular attraction, featuring one of the best remaining examples of Romanesque Renaissance Revival Architectural monuments in the United States. Be sure and make a point to check out the copper domed clock tower as well as the rotunda skylight, where you can see a Texas Star pattern depicted in the art glass.

Coryell Museum & Historical Center is also the home of one of the finest collections of spurs you will find west of the Mississippi! The museum also has an excellent array of western memorabilia to enjoy. Children five and under are admitted free of charge to the museum. Definitely a must see while you are in Gatesville!

Can't get enough of your Dr. Pepper? If so, you should definitely plan to visit the Dr. Pepper Museum, which is located just a short drive from Gatesville in Waco, Texas. Whether you are a history buff, a fan of the legends of Western culture or you want to find out more about your favorite beverage, bottled right here in the Lone Star State, you will find plenty of Gatesville, TX museums to enjoy during your time in this part of Texas.

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