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Check out the annual Shivaree Festival in Gatesville, Texas.
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There are many activities to enjoy in and around Gatesville, Texas. The big Gatesville summer festival is known as Shivaree and it takes place in June of each year. Shivaree in Gatesville, TX is held during the first weekend in June. The festival is completely free for all attendees and is designed for residents and visitors to be able to take a walk down memory lane and enjoy some of the more innocent pursuits and pastimes of yesterday.

One of the highlights of Shivaree is the Shivaree Idol singing contest. For even more excitement, make sure you stop by the Shivaree Factor Eating Contest, an event that welcomes adults as well as 12 and under contestants who are willing to wolf down a mystery meal.

If you happen to be an automobile enthusiast, make sure you do not miss the many autos on display during the car show. The Lone Star shoot-out is certainly a must-see for any fans of the Wild West. If you're feeling a bit adventurous, be sure to register for the bull-riding contest. Looking for something a bit more tame? Head on over to the Weenie Dog Race where you can cheer for your favorite canine, the dachshund.

Gatesville, TX events held during Shivaree also include horseshoe pitching and a domino tournament. Residents and visitors alike are encouraged to stop by and make a guess where a cow will respond to the call of nature in a unique event known as the Cow Patty Bingo Contest. There is also a regular bingo version. Of course, no festival in Texas would be complete without a wide assort of live music performed by local musicians. There is even a fiddler's contest. Make sure to stop by the many arts and crafts booths to shop for something to take home that will remind you of the Shivaree Festival. There is truly something for everyone and for all ages, including a special KiddieLand for keeping younger guests thoroughly entertained.

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